Tim Adams Shiraz

Introducing our first ever wine review on WinedUp, and the honour goes to a man who we think is, pound-for-pound, one of the best wine producers out there. He’s Tim Adams, based out of Clare Valley in South Australia, and the wine is his Shiraz.

This wine is also hugely significant in my own wine journey, as I’ll explain more in the video. We’ll do a larger feature on Tim and taste more of his wines sometime in the future.

This is a £10 wine that’s as good as any Aussie Shiraz you’re going to find at that price point (it’s barely gone up in price in two decades) and easily a match for wines at twice the price. With that in mind, it gets a WES rating of 10 and a guarantee from us that you can’t go wrong with this wine.

You can pick this wine up in Tesco (I’ve yet to find a superstore where it’s not readily available), normally alongside three other Tim Adams wines – The Fergus red (mainly Grenache, blended with Mourvedre and Tempranillo) and two whites (Riesling and Semillon) – all of which I can also heartily recommend.

A wider range is available online at the specialist Australian Wine Centre, where you can pick up most of Tim’s wines. Sign up for their mailing list too as they often have small selections of harder-to-find wines but they go quickly.