Tesco: Albarino and why this is a grape you should try

Albarino is one of our absolute go-to grapes. This one comes from its main home, Rias Biaxas, in the north-west of Spain, just above Portugal.

Classic Albarino flavours are white fruit, peaches and apricots, a bit of melon. So very different to more citrus fruit and acidity of more well-known varieties. It’s cool climate location makes it very refreshing and a lovely summer’s day wine.

At £8, this is very much “Albarino-light”. All the flavours are there, just slightly muted, and without the personality you’d expect from a more expensive Albarino. So we give it a 7 on the WES scale, it’s a corking introduction to the grape, and well worth investigating if you find some whites too acidic for you and want something smoother and fruitier.

Pick up a bottle in your local Tesco – right now it’s on offer for £6.40 so grab it while you can!

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  • I picked up a couple of bottles today, one the same label as Campbell’s, a 2016, and one with slightly different label, a 2017. I tried the 2017, and at first I thought it was much more acidic than suggested in review, but… it was too cold. I kept the bottle out of the fridge till it got to about 10 degrees. It was like a different wine. Crisp, clean, fruity – I really enjoyed it! Both were on same shelf, and both on offer for £6.40. I think people have been reading this review – there are none left in our big Tesco now!!