M&S: Saint Veran White Burgundy

A white Burgundy (the dreaded Chardonnay!) from the M&S own label range. This is from the Maconnais sub-region of Burgundy, one of the few places where value can still be found.

With a hint of oak and strong acidity, this will get your palette going and will suit fish, chicken or pork dishes with sauce and make a nice accompaniment.

At £11.50, it’s good value for Burgundy, which is never going to be cheap. If you’ve never had a white Burgundy, it’s about as inexpensive a way to try it as you’re likely to find. We score it 6 on the WES scale as it’s a good wine overall.

We think this is the same wine on the website (it’s the same winemaker), just an older label from a previous vintage. Also available in stores for the same price.