Most Wanted Wines: a label to look out for

We’re featuring something a little bit different in this video – Most Wanted Wines. We sought these guys out at a recent wine tasting as we were intrigued about what they were doing.

Most Wanted is a brand and ethos that’s definitely singing from the WinedUp Club hymn sheet. No pretentious wine terms, inexpensive (£6-10) wines but offering high quality wines from select producers around the world.

We talk more about it in the video but they are looking to be a standout brand on the shelves of supermarkets and high street retailers. You’ll recognise the brand, associate it with quality and value, and keep buying wherever you end up shopping. It’s a great concept and one that should really help consumers explore different grapes and regions with confidence.

Most Wanted is also trying to break the mould with packaging – from small, single glass pouches through three different bottle sizes, right up to bag-in-box – all maintaining the same quality standards. Cans too!

We’ve now drunk three-quarters of their range and have been very impressed throughout. On the WES scale, it’s 9s across the board – there’s nothing we wouldn’t happily recommend for good, everyday wine for a variety of occasions.

It shouldn’t be hard coming across them as you can find their wines in Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Nisa and more. See the full list here, pick up a bottle (or three!) and let us know what you think!


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