Camel Valley: Bacchus Dry

Any grape named after the Roman God of Wine (and fertility, amongst other things!) is okay with us. And the Bacchus grape is finding a serious home in the UK with a lot of quality English still white wine being made from it.

This is a classic introduction to English still wine – a style that many of you will never have tried, and neither had we until recently – from Camel Valley, one of our oldest producers. They’re based down in Cornwall and have nearly 30 years under their belts. The wine is very much of its place and it calls for seafood, particularly crab.

We rate this wine a 9 on the WES scale as its reference point Bacchus, it’s as good an English still wine as we’ve yet tasted, and highly recommended for somebody looking to try out wines from this country.

It’s available from directly from Camel Valley, in Fortnum and Mason, and occasionally Waitrose.

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