The Evils of Heavy Wine Bottles and a Disappointing Stellenbosch from Aldi

We’re big fans of South African wine as it offers some of the best price/quality ratios in the world right now. What we are NOT big fans of is ridiculously heavy bottles. We’re about to be disappointed on two levels. So this video is a good old rant!

The Heavy Bottle Situation

This is a very New World phenomenon. It started in Chile and Argentina, in particular, when producers were trying to show they could compete with the Old World on quality. Rather than focusing just on what’s inside the bottle, they also pumped up the bottle itself.

This Stellenbosch is an example of that awful trend. It’s more of a weapon than a bottle. We even get the scales out and weigh it. It’s a shocking waste of resources.

If you’re trying too hard…

The bottle is literally too hard. And the producer is trying to hard to impress on the surface. We all know what that means – there’s something lacking on the inside. Too true on this occasion.

The wine is disappointing, especially for £7, thus a WES of only 4. No redeeming features at all. It’s a £4 bottle of wine in a £7 dress. You’re paying for the bottle. Don’t do it.

Avoid at all costs if you’re in Aldi.

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