Aldi: Exquisite Collection Pinot Noir & Shiraz

The second of our Aldi Exquisite Collection wine reviews this year sees us tasting two red wines:

Pinot Noir and Shiraz (aka Syrah) are two of the world’s greatest and most famous grapes that will be familiar to the most casual of wine drinkers. They have found significant New World homes in New Zealand and Australia in particular, where their popularity means that quality in this price range can be hard to come by.

Typically for the Exquisite Collection range, these are two fine examples of Pinot Noir and Shiraz from these regions. It’s proper wine-making, even at this price, so they represent tremendous value. You’d pay 50-100% more for this standard normally, which is a fine performance by the Aldi winemakers.

On the WES-ometer, we’re giving both of these a resounding 9 and a strong recommendation. We finished the bottles the next evening when they were even better, spicier and more powerful, and we’d revise the score upwards to 10 on that performance.

Try them and let us know what you think below!

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