Aldi: Exquisite Collection Muscadet & Marsanne

Our Aldi wine reviews are proving to be very popular so we thought we’d do a couple more. This edition features two white wines from their Exquisite Collection range:

These wines won’t be familiar to the average consumer. Muscadet is from the western edge of the Loire Valley and it’s made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape. It’s one of our top tips – a really refreshing, zesty wine, great with seafood.

Marsanne is the grape and this one is from the Languedoc in the south-west of France. The winemaker here is Jean Claude Mas, head of Domaine Paul Mas, one of the top producers in the region and a world-class winemaker. We love Marsanne and this is another very classic example – honey, vanilla and stone fruit, great for summer’s day drinking or with food.

For the price-point, these are great examples of entry-level wines of their variety and are tremendous quality for the price. Campbell couldn’t quite work out how to score them but with hindsight, we’ll give the Muscadet a WES of 9 and the Marsanne a WES of 10. Drink up and let us know what you think below!

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  • I’m just tasting my first glass of Marsanne. Absolutely delicious! There’s a slight oakiness which usually I dislike, but not in this! I’m glad I didn’t just buy one bottle…

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