Which wine profile are you?

At WinedUp Club, we really want to know about our audience and how you’d rate your own wine knowledge. This will help us both with creating better content and with the guidance we give to the wine trade on how to communicate with you better.

Read on and choose which of the five WinedUp Club wine profiles best fits you – it doesn’t need to be perfect, just the nearest – and let us know when you sign up!

Supermarket Sweeper

If it’s on sale in Tesco, and costs less than £6, I buy it. In a pub, I drink house wine. I drink for pleasure and to be sociable, but have very limited wine knowledge. I’d like to widen my tastes and learn a bit more about wine without it getting pricey.

Name Recogniser

If I recognise the grape – like Sauvignon Blanc or Shiraz – I drink it. I stick to brands I know, order the second or third cheapest on wine list, like a nice label. My basic knowledge is decent, and I’m keen to experiment more and to broaden my palette but I can’t afford to make mistakes.

Novice Investigator

I’m starting to move away from the tried-and-tested wines. I’m reading a bit more about wine and go to the occasional tasting. I know more than most of my friends but I’m a little intimidated by the expertise of others. I’m keen to spend a bit more, but wisely.

Enthusiastic Experimenter

I have good knowledge of the main wine regions and grapes, and am starting to branch out and spread my wings. I’m not afraid to try new things, and am open to fresh thinking. I’ve started to take more of an interest in winemaking and winemakers.

Seasoned Explorer

I have refined and occasionally expensive tastes. I have been “around the world” in a merchant and have also been to a few places in real life. I read a lot about wine, am knowledgeable, and people tend to ask my advice.

Once you’ve settled on which profile sounds more like you, join The Club and get involved!


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