The Founders

WinedUp Club founders drinking white wine in the sun

We’re the two founders of WinedUp. For our day job, we run a small agency that helps companies to grow, where we work on business strategy projects and ongoing marketing execution. Wine is a big passion for both of us, so we dreamt up WinedUp as a content showcase for what we do, as a vehicle to work with companies in the trade, and, most importantly, so we can share our enthusiasm for wine with a broad audience.

Ultimately, WinedUp exists to help both consumers and trade to understand each other and the Club aspires to bring them together. We don’t know of many products that span the following:

• Part of the weekly supermarket shop
• A special treat or gift, expected at dinner parties
• Luxury brands and status symbols
• Investment-grade asset class of its own

Yet so little is known by the mainstream consumer about the people and the stories behind the wine and the passionate merchants that bring them to the market. We’re here to change that.

Campbell Williams, Seasoned Explorer

“I’ve been a wine enthusiast for nearly 20 years now, a journey that’s taken me from exploring supermarket wines in the late 90s, through visiting vineyards in France in the 2000s, to subscribing to lots of wine publications and spending too much money on wine in the 2010s. I’ve been sharing wine tips and buying advice with friends for a long time, dragging them to tastings and encouraging them to try things I think will suit them – to mainly positive feedback – but I’m just a well-travelled consumer, not an expert at all. My job here is to try and bring interesting content to members of the Club and to help us all to have more fun with wine.”

Meg Dilnot, Enthusiastic Experimenter

“I’ve been what I’d call a ‘normal’ wine drinker for most of my life and buy most of my wine in supermarkets or on the high street.  I spent almost ten years in the trade – working in and managing busy pubs, venues and bars in London – so I understand that side of things too. I’ve also worked in publishing, so creating great content is in my DNA. As a marketer, designer and writer, I love the look of wine labels, I’m fascinated by branding, and I love to tell stories about people. My job here is to keep WinedUp grounded in the real consumer experience, to stop Campbell showing off too much, and to bring features to our audience that get them as passionate about wine as we are.”

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